Majed Shahrour:

Name:   Majed shahrour          ID: 4401

Age:  24 years

Occupation: Student.

Marital status: Single

Location: HATAY, Reyhanli

Injury: Ankle disarticulation.

Date of injury: 03/11/2015

Injury reason; War related.

Place of injury: Damascus, Syria.

Majed shahrour was born in Syria, Damascus. Right now, he is 24 years old.

 When he was in Syria, he was a student at the 10th class in 2013, and one a day when he was coming back from the school, he was injured by a landmine, which caused an  Ankle disarticulation amputation for him,

He had got a primary treatment in Syria. since that day Majed had left school and stayed at home…

In 2017 Majed had decided to come to Turkey searching for a center which provide prosthetic limbs, he decided to broke the borders which caused his life pause.

He has found NSPPL center in Reyhanli city “The national Syrian project for prosthetic limbs”.

He has registered at the NSPPL Center on 06/01/2019 for prosthesis and physiotherapy sessions. And stayed with his relatives.

He has received a good treatment at the center. Physiotherapy sessions, PSS sessions and prosthesis technicians have treated him. Reception and Social Worker have  followed  all the sessions.

NSPPL has installed the prosthesis. In addition, he has taken many sessions by the physiotherapists. Then he came many times to the NSPPL center for the same modification. Finally, he received all the services and left the center in a very good condition.

Majed has finished the Turkish language certificate since two months as a preparation for applying to the secondary grade exams, he said that he wants to study computer science.

Our wishes to Majed is to achieve his life dream and to become a very professional computer specialist.

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