With pure individual initiatives, the achievements of the National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs started in 2013.

Upon the establishment of the NSPPL in 2013, Professor Glen Hith and Jamal Kasem offered their valuable help consultancy and supervision during their visits to Turkey.

During their first visit in July 2013, a great leap forward has been achieved, which is the replacement of plastic with resin (exo skeletal to Endo skeletal) .

The following visits were intended for the development of the project in general, scientific skills, practical sessions and staff evaluations.

In ….. Prof Haydar Altınkaynak (Head of prosthetics practical devision/Ankara university) along with Dr Serap Alsanjak (Manager of prosthetics department/Ankara university) donated free training for the NSPPL staff on the basics of the prosthetics and orthotics (Measurements, installation and


At the end of training, all trainees received certificates from Ankara university which also offered  permanent consultancy to NSPPL there after.

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