NSPPL is a nonprofit, nonpolitical humanitarian medical project, was established in Aug/2012 by a group of Syrian doctors SBMS and SEMA.

No, NSPPL is a nonprofit project, provides all its services for free.

NSPPL was established in Aug/2012.

Yes, there are 3 branches for NSPPL, Reyhanli center in Turkey, Idleb center and Albab center in Syria

NSPPL aim’s to restore amputees’ normal life and make them active in society.

 Qualifying a sufficient number of technicians to cover all countries which have conflicts.

  1. Prosthetics
  2. Orthotics
  3. Physical therapy
  4. Psychological support

All types of prosthetic and orthotic services:

  1. Lower limb orthotics.
  2. Upper Limb orthotics.
  3. Lower Limb Prosthetics.
  4. Upper Limb Prosthetics.
  5. Spinal orthotics

Different types of injuries and especially the war caused injuries.

  1. The first stage is to call NSPPL to get an appointment.
  2. Second stage is to visit NSPPL and confirm the appointment, and to fill the forms with needed information.
  3. Third stage, the patient will be transferred to the technical department in order to evaluate his situation and to specify the injury type.
  4. The patient will take a new appointment for assessment.
  5. The patient will take a new appointment to install the prosthesis.
  6. During the installation process the patient will be qualified to use the prosthesis.
  7. After finishing all trainings for prosthesis usage, and the patient can use it by alone, the last stage comes which is the final exit.

Approximately it takes from 1 month to 3 months to receive the prosthesis.

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