The Syrian war had increased in a rapid pace specifically after entering the air forces in the military operations, this caused of increasing the injuries for people and displaced others, these injuries ranged between physical and psychological, the process of treating injured people  was  done in mobile hospitals, and psychological centers, but the most painful states are those which cause the loss of one or  more than limb.

Syrians had started to initiate human organizations to provide a partial part of the huge needs, such as health, food relief works and others.

Health department had distributed into two main specializations, general hospitals with initial services in addition to psychological centers, the only side which was not covered is


The National Syrian Project for Prosthetic Limbs aims to help people who have undergone amputations as a result of Syrian War by providing them with prosthetic body parts and the appropriate rehabilitation. Established in February 2013 by a group of Syrian doctors living overseas, NSPPL is a non-profit organization serving people in Syria and Turkey.

NSPPL Main Goals

1.     Rehabilitation of amputees and neurological injuries.


2.     Building a generation of prosthetists.

General statistics

Number of prothesis

Number of provided services


7500 P&O/ for 5400 persons

14 Technicians/ with CAT II – ISPO



12 Technicians/ with CAT II – NSPPL certificate 

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